We created this blog to share tips, ideas and resources related to demand generation.

We figured we had a lot of experience to share:  Over  25 years of combined B2B marketing experience in over 10 software companies. We know that marketers like to hear from other marketers – what’s working, what isn’t, how programs can be improved, optimized and more.

We’ll be sharing our experiences running lead gen programs, implementing marketing technology, running successful (and not so successful) campaigns and more. From time to time, we’ll also write about fun and more main stream topics in pop culture and social media.

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Flora Felisberto

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I’m a digital marketer with over 12 years of demand gen and marketing ops experience. I spend most of my time dreaming up inbound and outbound lead gen campaigns that drive ROI. I love both the creative and analytical aspects of what I do and am passionate about building high-performing teams, optimizing (or obsessing over) the marketing funnel and analyzing data to find optimization opportunities.

I’ve held marketing positions in multiple Boston-based tech startups including ZoomInfo, Brainloop and Mendix. I'm currently Marketing Director at Rapid7.

Fun fact: I'd lived in 3 continents by the time I was 11. I was born in Paris, raised in Brazil and moved to the US at age 11. I led a gypsy life during my childhood thanks to my parents!

Mariana Just

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I’m a marketing leader with a passion for demand generation. I am fascinated by the world of revenue marketing and I have fun analyzing data, creating demand waterfalls and helping pull leads through the sales funnel. I have spent years on the creative side of marketing, from design to content creation as well as technical – implementing marketing automation, multi-touch attribution and CRM systems.

I'm currently Sr. Director of Revenue Marketing at Acrolinx. Prior to Acrolinx, I held marketing roles at ConstantContact, Globoforce,  Biscom, FirstBest Systems as well my own marketing consulting agency, Dual Webs Solution.  

Fun fact: I was once the lead singer in a rock n roll band and went as far as recording an EP of original music. 

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